About The Dental Program


The restorative dental science department aspires to achieve the highest standards of vocational education and training in the field of dental education and raise the efficiency of the graduate to be one of the pioneers in the community. 


Training of graduates to provide high-quality treatment for patients in the field of restorative dentistry, endodontic treatment, dental prostheses, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontics and instilling a spirit of social responsibility; considering the religious and cultural principles of Saudi society. 


-Teaching students modern concepts in restorative and esthetic dentistry. 

-Teaching students to acquire appropriate interpersonal skills and ethical values in the clinical practice of dentistry. 

-Providing restorative, endodontic, prosthetic, orthodontic, and pediatric treatment services in the community. 

-Cooperate with specialists in other disciplines to provide comprehensive treatment in the field of dentistry when needed. 

-Providing oral health care service and awareness to the community and school students.