College of Dentistry and Nursing

College of Dentistry and Nursing – Riyadh

College of Dentistry and Nursing - Riyadh

Vision College of Dentistry and Nursing was established in Riyadh in 1430 AH corresponding to 2009 AD and obtained the final license and general accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be a tributary of medical sciences, modern knowledge and a contemporary civilization project that embodies the vision of the wise leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in spreading science and knowledge Medical and meet the needs of the Saudi society in the areas of health care Vision College of Dentistry and Nursing in Riyadh grants a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The first batch of nursing major students were graduated in 1433 AH corresponding to 2012 AD and in 1436 AH corresponding to 2015 AD.The first batch of students in the dental specialization graduated.

Vision College was and still is, and with the help of God, it will remain a pioneering educational tributary that draws on scientific methods and draws from the data of modern technology to prepare a generation of students armed with science and ethics together and fortified with modern concepts aimed at serving society and building the nation.

The approach adopted by the college takes the causes of development and advancement and works to extend bridges of trust and cooperation with the community.

Vision College, while keen to look forward, always strives to fulfill its educational and national obligations in order to achieve sound performance and culminate this effort by riding the lead locally, regionally and internationally, and we are also keen to say: This college seeks to achieve the contribution to building enlightened and modern generations armed with knowledge that is the basis of every serious change in building an integrated society in its starting points and goals that connects heritage to contemporary and takes from certainty in God and from the principles of true Islamic law as a torch that guides it in raising generations so that the college is a center For scientific advancement on the one hand and a platform to support the needs of the individual and society alike on the other hand, for all this, the college has always sought to uphold reason and thought and stimulate the creativity and innovation energies of its students and professors