College of Dentistry and Nursing - Department of Basic Sciences




Speech of the Head of the Basic Sciences Department

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable of the prophets and messengers, our master and our Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace and beyond


In my name and in the name of all my fellow faculty members in the Department of Basic Sciences at Vision College of Dentistry and Nursing in Riyadh, I welcome you and we hope that the first joint year will be the beginning of a distinguished university study full of information and skills that will achieve meaningful learning in the coming years of university study.


The tasks of the Department of Basic Sciences are focused on providing the student with the basic skills that are compatible with the aspirations of the college’s health programs in three academic fields (English language, humanities and human sciences) by providing distinguished teaching by highly qualified faculty members supporting their teaching with the latest educational means and exploitation. Optimizing the means of technology as enriching sources for learning through various electronic media and means of distance education and interactive education to ensure an excellent educational environment.

  1. English

In the interest of the college on the quality of its scientific and research output, it strives to raise the student’s competence in the English language as it is the basic structure for all scientific and health courses. By adopting three foundational levels of English language courses to raise their level of language proficiency in the four English language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.


  1. Scientific Sciences

The department is concerned with raising the level of knowledge and providing the student with basic skills in sciences such as chemistry, biology, physics, biostatistics and computer.


  1. Humanities

The department seeks to achieve the highest standards of excellence as it develops students’ skills in the humanities (Islamic culture, Arabic language, communication skills) in terms of providing them with the skills they need in their future university life.


As head of the Department of Basic Sciences, I am pleased to receive your comments and suggestions that contribute to the development of the educational process to


In conclusion, I wish all male and female students success in their scientific and practical careers

Head of the Department of Basic Sciences

Dr. Rania El-Sherbiny

Department decisions:


Courses of the Department of Basic Sciences
No Course Title Course Code Level
1 Biostatistics 101 BIOS 1
2 Arabic Language 1 101 ARAB
3 Islamic Culture 101 ISLM
4 Medical Terminology 102 ENGL
5 Introduction to Computing 101 COMP
6 English Language 1 101 ENGL
7 Communication Skills 101 COMM 2
8 Arabic Language II 102 ARAB
9 General Physics 101 PHYS
10 Biology 101 BIOL
11 Introduction to Chemistry 101 CHEM
12 English Language II 103 ENGL
13 Islam & Construction of Society 102 IC 3
14 Applied Computer Technology in Dentistry 284 GDC 4
15 The Islamic Economic 103 IC 11
16 Fundamental of Islamic Political System 104 IC
17 Biostatistics in Dentistry 695 CPD
18 Writing in Arabic Language 103 ARAB 12

Faculty members in the Department of Basic Sciences

M Name Name Academic rank Email
1  د. رانيا الشربيني محمد Dr. Rania Elsherbiny Mohamed أستاذ مساعد
 2 د. أحمد حسين حسن Dr. Ahmed Hussein Hassan أستاذ مساعد
3 د. محمد عزات عبدالعزيز Dr. Mohamed Ezzaat Abdelaziz أستاذ مساعد
4 أ  . فاتن بنت أحمد العرجاني Ms. Faten Ahmed Alarjani محاضر
5 أ  . أسامة الحسن محجوب Mr. Osama ALhassan Mahgoub محاضر
6 أ . عبير بنت يحيي مرتضى Ms. Abeer  Yehya  Murtada محاضر
7 أ  . علا بنت أحمد العرجاني Ms. Ola Ahmed Alarjani محاضر
8 أ. عبد الاله بن سلطان العنزي Mr. Abdul Ilah bin Sultan Al-Anazi محاضر
9 أ. رهام عمر كلاب Reham Omar Kullab معيد
10 أ. سلطان منجد التميمي Sultan Munjed AlTamimi معيد