College of Dentistry and Nursing - Department of Dental Restoration Sciences

Speech of the Head of the Department of Dental Restoration Sciences

There is no doubt that dental science has witnessed many developments during the past few years, paving the way for a technical revolution in this important field of health care for humanity. There is no doubt that the Department of Dental Reform Sciences is one of the main branches of the dental oral health field, and it is not far from those developments in this field, but perhaps the research published in scientific journals with scientific weight clearly indicates this growing effort that is being made in order to upgrade this main branch One of the branches of dentistry. We in our Arab world and our regional surroundings are not immune to the influence and influence of this tremendous scientific revolution, and we cannot stand the viewer’s stand without strongly participating in that development happening around us. We in the Department of Dental Repair Sciences at vision Private Colleges in Riyadh look forward to have a clear role locally, regionally and regionally in contributing and advancing that main branch of the dental branches through academic courses that suit the nature of the stage that contain modernity without neglecting the important basics derived from the old, as well as the clinics The teaching hospital at the Faculties Teaching Hospital is where students are trained in the latest technologies in the field of reconstructive dentistry sciences and endodontics, in addition to cosmetic dentistry. The permanent participation in the most international conferences in the Kingdom and abroad and the continuous presence in the field of publishing scientific research in prestigious scientific journals is one of the achievements of which a large part has been achieved, and the future is still better, God willing.

In conclusion, I wish everyone success I hope that these colleges will occupy the prestigious position they deserve as an important tributary of medicine Teeth in the Kingdom, but for the Arab world and the African frustrated as well.

Ahmed Mohamed El Marakby

Faculty of school

MThe name is in ArabicThe name is in EnglishDegreeThe official email
1 د. أحمد  محمد المراكبي Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Marakby دكتوراة
2 د. وئام عبد اللطيف الدسوقيDr. Weam Abd Elatef Dosokyدكتوراة
3 د. عبد الله فوزي السعدنىDr. Abdullah Fawzy Al-Saadanyدكتوراة
4 د. على كمال ريحان Dr.Ali Kamal Rayhan دكتوراة
5 د. مازن دياب دوماني   Dr. Mazen Dieb Doumani ماجستير
6 د. نشوان محمد قائد Dr.Nashwan Mohamed Qaid ماجستير
7 د. أحمد رضا بشنقلي Dr. Ahmad  Reda Bashnakli   ماجستير
8 د. منال محمد دياب   Dr. Manal Mohamed Diab   ماجستير
9 د. رزان عمر خلوف   Dr. Razan Omar Khallof   ماجستير
10 د. فاطمه الزهراء شريف   Dr. Fatma Alzahraa Sherief   دبلوم

المقررات الدراسية

م اسم المقرر الرمز والكود المستوى
1 Dental anatomy and Morphology 213 RDS Level 3
2 Introduction to Operative Dentistry 212 RSD Level 4
3 Preclinical Operative Dentistry I 312RSD Level 5
4 Preclinical Operative Dentistry II 313 RSD Level 6
5 Clinical Operative Dentistry I 412 RSD Level 7
6 Clinical Operative Dentistry II 413 RSD Level 8
7 Clinical Operative Dentistry II 512 RSD Level 9
8 Clinical Operative Dentistry IV 513 RSD Level 10
9 Esthetic Dentistry 694 RSD Level 12
10 Basic Dental Science 230 RSD Level 4
11 Dental Material Sciences I 332 RSD Level 5
12 Dental Material Sciences II 333 RSD Level 6
13 Preclinical Endodontics I 423RSD Level 7
14 Preclinical Endodontics II 424 RSD Level 8
15 Clinical Endodontics I 523RSD Level 9
16 Clinical Endodontics II 524 RSD Level 10