College of Dentistry and Nursing - Department of Nursing Sciences

Speech of the Head of the Nursing Sciences Department

Welcome to the Department of Nursing Sciences at vision College of Dentistry and Nursing. The establishment of the Nursing Sciences Department within the vision College of Dentistry and Nursing came in 2009 to keep pace with the steady growth and development in the health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in response to the urgent need and the acute shortage of Saudi nursing specialists. vision College has sought since then to graduate the national competencies that supply the health sector with its needs from specialists, as more than 700 specialists and nurses have graduated since that time until now.

vision College of Dentistry is based Nursing is to prepare academically qualified nurses to compete locally Regionally, in providing high-quality health care and participating in scientific research projects Promote health and provide a comprehensive community service in an effort to participate in achieving “a vision.” Kingdom 2030 “led by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, may God protect them.

Dr. Waddah Muhammad supported him

faculty of school

# Name in language ArabicName in language EnglishAcademic Rank Email
1 د. وضاح محمد الدعمة Dr. Waddah Mohammad D’emeh Associate Professor
2 د. رانديل ساتيرا منيوس Dr. Randel Sapiera Munoz Assistant Professor
3 د. رحاب طلال الفيومي Dr. Rehab Talal ElFaoumy Lecturer
4 د.عبير أحمد محمد Dr. Abeer Ahmad Mohamed Lecturer
5 أ. طلال حيدر البدوي Talal Haidar AlBadawi Lecturer
6 أ.أمل أحمد قنديل Amal Ahmed Kandil Lecturer
7 أ. ضياءالدين محمد الربابعة Deaya-Aldeen Mohammad Alrababah Lecturer

Courses of Department of Nursing Sciences

# Course Title Course Code Level
1 Introduction to Nursing Science Foundations of Nursing / Theory Foundations of Nursing / Practice NUR 111 NUR 122 NUR 123 3
2 Health Assessment / Theory Health Assessment / Practice Adult Health Nursing (1) /Theory Adult Health Nursing (1) Practice NUR 211 NUR 212 NUR 224 NUR 225 4
3 Human Growth and Development Adult Health Nursing (2) / Theory Adult Health Nursing (2) /Practice NUR 311 NUR 312 NUR 313 5
4 Reproductive Health Nursing / Theory Reproductive Health Nursing / Practice Child Health Nursing /Theory Child Health Nursing / Practice Nursing Informatics NUR 325 NUR 326 NUR 327 NUR 328 NUR 329 6
5 Critical Health Nursing / Theory Critical Health Nursing / Practice Psychiatric\Mental Health Nursing / Theory Psychiatric\Mental Health Nursing / Practice Principles of Learning and Health Education Current Issues in Nursing NUR 411 NUR 412 NUR 413 NUR 414 NUR 226 NUR 324 7
6 Community Health Nursing / Theory Community Health Nursing / Practice Nursing Management and Leadership / Theory Nursing Management and leadership/ practice Nursing Research NUR 425 NUR 426 NUR 427 NUR 428 NUR 429 8