College of Dentistry and Nursing - Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences

Speech of the Head of the Department of Prosthodontics

On behalf of all the members of the Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences, I am pleased and pleased to welcome you to vision Colleges of Dentistry and Nursing in Riyadh and the Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences, which is one of the academic departments of the college.

The Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences takes care of the compensation and treatment of oral and dental functions, through dental formulations, both fixed and movable, whether supported by natural teeth or dental implants, in addition to the facial and maxillofacial prostheses.

The Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences consists of distinguished faculty members, both scientifically and professionally, to ensure the quality of education and training for our students, and to take care of patients and provide a distinctive community and research service to achieve the vision and mission of the college in cooperation with other departments in the college.

Greetings, Dr. Mahmoud Darwish

faculty of school

MThe name is in ArabicThe name is in EnglishDegreeE-mail
1د. محمود درويش محمدDr. Mahmoud Darwish Mohamedدكتوراهdr_mdarwish@vision.edu.sa
2د. ناصر حسين شاهينDr. Nasser Hussein Shaheenدكتوراهnasser_shaheen@vision.edu.sa
3د. حماده زكي محروسDr. Hamada Zaki Mahrossدكتوراهhamada-dent@vision.edu.sa
4د. ضياء الدين سعد عوضDr. Diaaeldin Saad Awadدكتوراهdiaa-dent@vision.edu.sa
5د. محمد كنان سيراونDr. Mohammad Kinan Seirawanماجستيرkinan-dent@vision.edu.sa
6د. محمد قاسم حميداDr. Mohammed Kassem Hamidaماجستيرhamida-dent@vision.edu.sa
7د. محمود صبحي الأفنديDr. Mahmoud Subhi AlFandiماجستيرafandi-dent@vision.edu.sa
8د. سهام علي صبرهDr. Seham Ali Sabraماجستيرseham-dent@vision.edu.sa
9د. أسماء زكي حسنDr. Asmaa Zaky Hassanماجستيرasmaa-dent@vision.edu.sa
10د. رشا عبد المجيد السواحDr. Rasha Abd AlMageed AlSawahماجستيرalswah-dent@vision.edu.sa
11د. حسناء سعيد فضهDr. Hasnaa Saeed Feddaدبلوم الدراسات العلياhasnaa-dent@vision.edu.sa

Department Of Prosthetic Dental Sciences

#Course titleCodeLevel
1Introduction to preclinical prosthodontics & occlusion312 PSDL 6
2Preclinical Removable Prosthodontics-1422 PSDL 7
3Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics-1432 PSDL 7
4Preclinical Removable Prosthodontics-2423 PSDL 8
5Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics-2433 PSDL 8
6Clinical Removable Prosthodontics-1522 PSDL 9
7Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics-1533 PSDL 9
8Clinical Removable Prosthodontics-2523 PSDL 10
9Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics-2534 PSDL 10
10Advanced Prosthodontics & Implantology-1694 PSDL 11
11Advanced Prosthodontics & Implantology-2695 PSDL 12