Faculty Development and Continuing Education Unit


  1. Supervising the development of the skills of the faculty’s employees, and suggesting and coordinating the relevant events, with the attendance of speakers, and coordinating with lecturers from inside and outside the college.
  2. Determining the training needs and programs necessary to develop skills in the college and supporting the participation of faculty members in these programs.
  3. Supervising the skills development unit and setting development plans and strategies for their implementation.
  4. Determining the specialized training needs of faculty members in the academic departments of the college.
  5. Urging and encouraging faculty members to participate in attending courses, training programs and workshops.
  6. Follow-up on the implementation of development programs for the faculty’s employees (faculty members, administrators, technicians, and students).
  7. Organizing the necessary lectures and workshops at the college in coordination with other units or departments.
  8. Preparing a periodic report on the Unit’s activities and submitting it to the Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs.
  9. Assisting the Vice Dean in planning and organizing everything that would facilitate the workflow of the unit.
  10. Executing the work assigned t by the Vice Dean.