College of Dentistry and Nursing - Riyadh – Department of Dental Prevention Sciences

Speech of the Head of the Department of Dental Protection Sciences

The Department of Dental Prevention Sciences at vision Private Colleges in Riyadh hopes to have a role in contributing and advancing that branch of dentistry, where the department has four specializations (pediatric dentistry – orthodontics – periodontal diseases – community dentistry) and the department has faculty members from The various scientific ranks for teaching courses that suit the nature of the stage contain what is new in the department’s specializations, as the department oversees the teaching of nineteen courses and is considered the largest departments of the college in terms of the number of courses. Students are also trained on the latest technologies in the field of science and dental protection. There are participations in international conferences in the Kingdom and abroad, as well as in the field of publishing scientific research for faculty members. The department also has a role in the field of community service through the student activities that it supervises.

And in Conclusion We wish all success and we hope that the Vision National Colleges in Riyadh will have their place
Which you deserve locally and internationally.

Shukry Jaml Jamil

faculty of school

م The name
in the language
The name
in English
Academic Rank Email
1 د. شكري جمال جميل Dr. Shukry Gamal Gamil Assistant Professor
2 د. عصام حسين ضيف الله Dr. Essam Hussain Dhaifull Assistant Professor
3 د. رنا أحمد الطيار Dr. Rana Ahmad Altayya Assistant Professor
4 د. رابعه محمود ابو بكر Dr. Rabaa 
Mahmoud Abubakr
Assistant Professor
5 د. موكيش سينغ ارجون Dr. Mukesh Singh Thakur Lecturer
6 د. ديلشاد عمر نايار Dr. Dilshad Omar Neyar Lecturer
7 د. أمجد حسين خاجا Dr. Amjad Hussain Khaja Lecturer
8 د. شريف محمد عكاش Dr. Sherif Mohamed Okash Diploma  
9 د. ديانا مصطفى ابو العلا Dr. Diana Mostafa Abu-alola Lecturer  
10 د. رفاه محمد التيناوي Dr. Rafah Mohammad Altinawi Diploma  


م Course Title Course code Level
1 Preclinical Pediatric
413 POD 8
2 Clinical Pediatric
Dentistry 1
514 POD 9
3 Clinical Pediatric
Dentistry 2
515 POD 10
4 Clinical Pediatric
Dentistry 3
694 POD 11
5 Clinical Pediatric
Dentistry 4
695 POD 12
6 Preclinical
Orthodontics  1
516 POD 9
7 Preclinical
Orthodontics 2
517 POD 10
8 Clinical Orthodontics 693 POD 11
9 Clinical
periodontology 1
412 CPD 7
10 Clinical
periodontology 2
413 CPD 8
11 Clinical
periodontology 3
512 CPD 9
12 Clinical
periodontology 4
513 CPD 10
13 Introduction to
283 GDC 3
14 Introduction to
Behavioral Dentistry
282 GDC 4
15 Ethics in Dentistry 382 GDC 5
16 Preventive Dentistry 321 CPD 6
17 Dental Public Health
696 CPD 11
18 Dental Public Health
697 CPD 12
19 Dental Practice
698 CPD 12