College of Dentistry and Nursing - Vision, mission, values and goals

College vision

An innovative and attractive educational and research environment for building a knowledge society.

College message

That the College of Vision contributes to preparing competencies locally and regionally in the fields of dentistry and nursing in an innovative educational environment that encourages learning, scientific research and community service, in a framework of transparency and commitment to preserving the ethical values ​​of the Saudi society.

College values

Our core values ​​are: Ethics, Teamwork, Professionalism, Credibility, Lifelong Learning, Accountability.

Strategic priorities

  • Reinforcing the college identity
  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Enhancing cooperation and partnership with society, institutions of higher education and research centers, locally and internationally

College goals

  1. Commitment to quality standards in higher education institutions and work to achieve academic accreditation standards.
  2. Matching education with application in the various college programs to create a distinguished graduate in thought and practice, and to develop leadership and confidence among college graduates.
  3. Contribute to community service.
  4. Opening channels of communication with higher education institutions and research centers locally and internationally with the aim of participating in building human knowledge.
  5. Adopting the scientific value-added orientation and applied research produced in the research of the faculty, faculty, and students.