Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals


Leadership and excellence in health education and training, both locally and regionally.


To graduate qualified dentists and nurses, in an attractive environment that encourages learning, research, and community services.


Excellence: we are committed to providing an attractive environment for creativity and innovation, and overcoming obstacles in order to achieve excellence in academic programs.

Competitiveness: we are committed to achieving competition at the local and international levels with colleges that offer the same academic programs.

Accountability – Transparency: accountability and clarity in all academic and administrative procedures.

Learning & Continuing Education: Vision College of Dentistry & Nursing is committed to supporting education and continuous learning and promoting medical education and training within the Kingdom’s society.

Continuous Improvement: we are updating and reviewing our academic programs and improving them to serve the beneficiaries.

Professionalism: we are committed to qualifying graduates of dental and nursing programs according to the needs of the labor market, and observing national and international ethics and scientific, research, and academic standards.

Teamwork: we are committed to the participation of all Vision Colleges employees in achieving the vision, mission, strategic goals, and institutional work.


  1. Offering high standard education and training to dental and nursing students.
  2. Providing an enthusiastic learning environment.
  3. Promoting excellent scientific research.
  4. Building effective partnerships with community institutions.