Vision Colleges - About us

About Vision Colleges

Vision Colleges Company was established in 1430 AH corresponding to 2009 AD as a company with limited liability provided
Educational services for dentistry, nursing and human medicine as a tributary of medical sciences
Modern knowledge and a contemporary civilization project that embodies the vision of the wise leadership in the Kingdom
Saudi Arab . In spreading science and medical knowledge to meet the needs of the Saudi society
Medical fields.

Embrace Vision Colleges have two branches in Riyadh and Jeddah, in which academic programs are offered
In dentistry, nursing and human medicine, this is strong evidence of the comprehensiveness of vision in Vima
It is related to the future of higher education, and the renewed needs of the Saudi society in providing elements
A humanity capable of navigating the challenges and challenges of contemporary life with confidence and competence

l have The tireless efforts of Vision Colleges have culminated since their inception and over the course of five years of work
The college continues to rank tenth among Arab universities according to the WebMetrix classification, however
Ambitions are still great to raise the level of colleges and their reputation to the level of prestigious universities
Locally, internationally and at all levels

Our vision
Leadership and excellence in health education and training, both locally and regionally.

Our Mission
Graduating qualified health practitioners in an attractive environment that encourages education and scientific research and serves the community.


We are committed to providing an attractive environment for creativity and innovation, and overcoming obstacles in order to achieve excellence in academic programs.      Excellence
We are committed to achieving competition at the local and international levels with colleges that offer the same academic programs.      Competitiveness
Accountability and clarity in all academic and administrative procedures.      Accountability-Transparency
Vision Colleges are committed to supporting education and continuous learning and promoting medical education and training within the Kingdom’s society.      Learning & Continuing Education
We are updating and reviewing our academic programs and improving them to serve the beneficiaries.      Continuous Improvement
We are committed to qualifying graduates of medical programs according to the needs of the labor market, and observing national and international ethics and scientific, research and academic standards.      Professionalism
We commit to the participation of all Vision Colleges employees in achieving the vision, mission, strategic goals and institutional work.      Teamwork


Our goals

First Strategic Goal
  • Create attractive learning and training environment
Second Strategic Goal
  • Offer leading academic programs in accordance with the best national and international standards
Third Strategic Goal
  • Produce outstanding scientific research
Fourth Strategic Goal
  • Offer leading community service programs

What Sets us Apart

  • The curricula of the Vision Colleges are based on the global standards of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and similar bodies for the quality of health education, with reference mainly to the national standards that are constantly updated by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC) and the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA).
  • The curricula of the health programs of Vision Colleges depend on exploring and using new educational methods that focus more on the student as the focus of the educational process and adopt modern technologies as platforms for learning management in this context.
  • Vision colleges follow clear methodologies for evaluation and improvement to ensure quality, and all study courses are up to date. National consultative bodies (such as the King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies) and foreign (such as the CenMEDIC Group) have carefully reviewed and approved these curricula, which gives the currently applied curricula more strength and credibility. This system relies on the use of matrices for evaluating the outcomes of courses based on direct and indirect evaluation methods in calculating the extent of achievement of the expected objectives of the educational process. The Vision Colleges are keen to obtain the opinion of independent experts and external arbitration to ensure the integrity of the evaluation process and its objectivity and transparency.