Program message
That the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery program at 
Vision College of Human Medicine contribute to enhancing 
community health and preparing competitive medical cadres 
locally and regionally, providing high-quality medical 
education, and encouraging scientific research, in a 
framework of transparency and commitment to the ethical 
values ​​of the Saudi society.
Program Goals
  1. Adopting good governance in managing the various aspects 
    of the program effectively and efficiently.
  2. Achieve leadership in medical education.
  3. Create an attractive educational environment.
  4. Upgrading the level of scientific research.
  5. Building effective partnerships with local and global community 
The degree awarded by the program
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS).
The level of the program is in accordance with the National 
Qualifications Framework
Sixth level.
Program requirements
Vision College of Human Medicine awards a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree to students who have successfully completed
 212 credit hours in addition to the one-year internship training program.

Track type
The beginning of 
the program
Type of 
The language 
of study
One main track
First semester 
The 212 hours are divided into years of study as follows:

The year
Credit hours
First-year courses
 (basic sciences)
35 hours
Second-year courses
33 hours
Third year courses
36 hours
Fourth-year courses
36 hours
Fifth year courses
36 hours
Sixth year courses
36 hours
212 hours
Program learning outcomes

Code Description
K1 PLO01. Integrate basic, clinical, behavioral, and social sciences in medical practice
K2 PLO02. Practice evidence-based health care
K3 PLO07. Place patients’ needs and safety at the center of the care process
K4 PLO08. Adhere to the regulations of Saudi healthcare system in the Kingdom
K5 PLO09. Advocate health promotion and disease prevention
K6 PLO16. Demonstrate basic research skills
S1 PLO03. Demonstrate the essential clinical skills
S2 PLO10. Effectively communicate verbally and in writing with patients, their families, colleagues, and other health professionals
S3 PLO12. Apply medical informatics in healthcare system effectively
C1 PLO04. Use clinical reasoning, decision making, and problem-solving skills in medical practice
C2 PLO05. Manage patients with life-threatening medical conditions
C3 PLO06. Formulate and implement appropriate management plans for patients with common medical problems
C4 PLO11. Practice teamwork and inter-professional collaboration
C5 PLO13. Demonstrate professional attitudes and ethical behaviors of physicians
C6 PLO14. Apply Islamic, legal, and ethical principles in professional practice
C7 PLO15. Demonstrate the capacity for self-reflection and professional development
C8 PLO17. Critically appraise and demonstrate scholarly activities related to health sciences research
  • PLO coding from 01-17 is according to SaudiMEDs.
study plan
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours Level
ENGL 105 Medical Terminology 3 First
ISLM 101 Islamic Culture 2
COM 101 Introduction to Computing 3
ARAB 101 Arabic Language (1) 2
BIOS 101 Biostatistics 2
ENGL 101 English Language (1) 6
CHEM 101 Introduction to Chemistry 3 Second
PHYS 101 General Physics 3
ARAB 102 Arabic Language (2) 2
ENGL 103 English Language (2) 4
COMM 101 Communication Skills 2
BIOL 101 Biology 3
GAD 231 Growth, Development and Aging 4 Third
HB 231 Human Body I 6
BAN 231 Biochemistry and Nutrition 4
MBG 231 Molecular Biology and Human Genetics 3
POD 241 Principle of Diseases I 4 Forth
POD 242 Principle of Diseases II 4
BPC 241 Basic Pharmacology 4
HB 242 Human Body II 4
CVS 351 Cardiovascular System 6 Fifth
RS 351 Respiratory System 4
HPS 351 Hematopoietic System 5
MEP 351 Medical Ethics and Professionalism 3
GIS 361 Gastrointestinal System 5 Sixth
ENS 361 Endocrine System 4
EP 361 Epidemiology and Community Medicine 3
MSS 361 Musculoskeletal System 6
RM 471 Research Methodology & Evidence-based Healthcare 4 Seventh
NS 471 Neurosciences 5
UGS 471 Urogenital System 4
FMT 471 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 3
IMS 481 Integrated Multisystem 4 Eighth
COMM 481 Communication Skills for Medicine 4
MI 481 Medical Imaging 4
BCS 481 Basic Clinical Skills 4
PHC 481 Primary Health Care 4
FM 591 Family Medicine 6 Ninth
PSY 591 Psychiatry 3
IM 591 Internal Medicine I 7
DM 591 Dermatology 2
ENT 510 Ear, Nose, and Throat 2 Tenth
OP 510 Ophthalmology 2
OBGY 510 Obstetrics & Gynecology 6
SUR 510 Surgery I 8
EM 611 Emergency Medicine 2 Eleventh
IM 611 Internal Medicine II 6
PED 611 Pediatrics 10
SUR 612 Surgery II 10 Twelfth
ORTH 612 Orthopedics 6
ELC 121 Elective Course 2