Vision Colleges - Our colleges participate for preserve our planet

Our colleges participate for preserve our planet

Vision Colleges at Jeddah and Riyadh, had participated at the international event called ” Earth Hour” by switching off all lights inside and outside the college

in order to raise the awareness of the danger of climate change on the environment and reduce carbon emissions, and to raise the awareness among community in rationalizing electricity consumption and preserving the right of future generations through stimulating the usage of alternative and renewable electric energy.

This international event deemed the largest annual environmental event that held on the last Saturday of March every year, from 08:30 till 9:30 p.m. by the local calendar per each region, when this coincides with the sun crossing the equator towards the north, and it was called the Earth Hour; to spreading the awareness in the world of the need of the contribution of preserving the earth.

Through the Vision Colleges contribution which comes as a confirmation to expressive its concern to participate in everything that serves our societies and our world, and spreads the awareness in reducing energy usage, for solidarity efforts to control the factors of climate change, and working to find the best attractive educational environment that contributes to raise competencies by graduating doctors and nurses who serve their country and societies at the highest and best level, through embodying the vision of the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in spreading science and medical knowledge in response the needs of society.