Vision College – Riyadh participation in the Gulf Nursing Day Annual Meeting

Vision College – Riyadh participation in the Gulf Nursing Day Annual Meeting

Vision College in Riyadh, represented by the Nursing Department, participated in the Gulf Nursing Day Annual Meeting at King Saud University (KSU) on Monday, March,3rd 2023

This meeting aims to celebrate the Gulf Nursing Day, honor the distinguished nursing staff, and demonstrate the importance of the nursing profession in the provision of health care services.

The Gulf Nursing Day is celebrated annually on March 13th. This day highlights the nursing profession’s role and its distinguished characteristics, the most important of which are: sincerity and perseverance at work, compassion in dealing with their patients, attention to detail for patient safety, adaptation to the changes that occur at work, and last but not least communication skills where the nurse is able to communicate clearly and effectively with the medical staff, the patients, and their families.

The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) highlighted the nursing profession’s most important duties, which are as follows: Improving patients’ health by providing the best-quality health services, keeping patients safe, providing correct guidelines to the patients and their family members, becoming a link between the doctor and the patient as well as between the patient and his family, and finally offering help in the prevention of diseases

The participation of Vision Colleges in this meeting came out of a sense of their role in supporting the nursing profession and promoting and raising awareness of the importance of this humanitarian profession.