The college provides a secure and convenient electronic way to submit complaints to the Student Complaints and Support Committee, where they can be followed up via e-mail.  

If there is a complaint related to academic courses, academic material, members of the educational or administrative staff, or related to college facilities, the following procedure is to be adopted:

  1. The complainant fills out a general complaint form and submits it to the Student Affairs Unit.
  2. The Student Affairs Unit directs the complaint to the respective department or to the academic advisor depending on the complaint. In case there is no resolution, the Student Affairs Unit guides the complainant to submit the complaint to the Student Complaints and Support Committee, which will investigate it in order to find solutions.
  3. The student submits the complaint to the Student Complaints and Support Committee by the Student Complaint Form ((The Link) providing all the necessary details of the complaint and attaching supporting documents. The student must provide his/her contact details and sign the electronic complaint form.
  4. The complaint must be submitted within six months after the occurrence of the action or matter that has given rise to the complaint.
  5. The Student Complaints and Support Committee studies the complaint and ensures that the complaint falls within the competencies and responsibilities of the college and transfers it to the concerned party.
  6. The concerned party replies to the Student Complaints Committee with the solution.
  7. The Committee informs the complainant via his/her official e-mail of the solution reached regarding the complaint.

To contact the students complaints & support unite: