Dean’s Message

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, who obliged us by the grace of knowledge and make it a way of guidance and raise on the human status in this world and toward a Paradise’s the width that spans the heavens and the earth. Allah Almighty says: (Allah will raise those, in the ranks, who have believed and are given knowledge).
With the overview of the good news of the New Academic year, I am delighted to welcome my sons and daughters students, colleagues and colleagues of the faculty members of the educational, technical and administrative board in the various departments of Vision College in Jeddah, praying Almighty Allah to make it a successful academic year full of enthusiasm and determination to excellence and success.

Dear College Staff,

First of all, I thank you for your efforts undertaken as a one team and for your success in the past academic year and for achieving the strategic goals of the college. Proceeding from the sincerity of the intention with the good work and the observation of Allah in seeking useful knowledge and the performance of the educational mission and our common responsibility to promote the educational process and contribute effectively to social responsibility in accordance with the strategic plan (Rabi).
We welcome the students of Vision College with open arm to welcome, to take from the ocean of knowledge in their new academic year, to provide them with all the support and encouragement for innovation and creativity. They are the most important axis in the educational process and one of the most important investments and urge them to scientific research. We strive to encourage outstanding competencies of faculty members and students to contribute to the industry knowledge that ensures outputs and trained cadres able to achieve innovation by working to improve the academic programs offered and methods of teaching and improve self-education and scientific research methods have a mark in the preparation of academic cadres and practical excellence of doctors and nurses who are able to compete in the labor market to drive development in the community towards progress and prosperity and prepare for future challenges in accordance with quality standards.

My Dear Students,

The success and excellence of the student is a shared responsibility between the him / her and the faculty, whose weight lies in the student’s self-effort to achieve scientific advancement and achieve his ambition that touches the sky-high.
Therefore, I recommend you to diligence and strive to achieve outstanding academic achievement and excellence whose ambitions in your hands. You will find all the help and support from me and all the teaching and faculty staff.
Our doors are always open to you to always take your hand towards the path to success.
With sincere wishes that this Academic year will be successful, rich in giving and ensure success, full of achievements and excellence.
Allah blesses you all, light your path and lead your steps on the straight path.


Dr. Fares Muhammad Nour Saeed Altaf

Dean Of The College

Dr. Fares Muhammad Nour Saeed Altaf


Dean Of The College