Dentistry Program

This educational program for dentistry aims to prepare graduates for participation in the real needs of the health care in kingdom of Saudi Arabia now and in the future.


The educational nursing program prepares the efficient graduates for participation in the actual needs of the health care in kingdom of Saudi in the present and in the future. For such noble service that has to do with bodies and souls and that our true religion urges us to do.

Program philosophy:

The dentistry program philosophy depends upon providing care for all society categories and especially for safety of all society members’ teeth. Moreover, it seeks to raise the society’s health standard via teaching the college students theoretical, practical, clinical and field subjects. The study program aims to assert medicine values and ethics generally and dentist’s values and ethics specifically as well as applying the quality principles required from all Saudi and international universities, through gaining students the skills and characteristics targeted in graduates of the dentistry program. Such skills and characteristics are developing the critical thinking skills and analysis, depending on the problem solving approach using the scientific method, instilling the management and leadership role in the dentist which conforms with the Muslim dentist’s sound behavior and according to the positive needs of the dentistry profession

The program vision;

To be always in forefront to attain the highest standards of education and professional training in the dentistry education field and to raise the graduates’ efficiency.

The program mission:

The dentistry program provides an excellent education for graduating professional doctors to fulfill the community’s needs and providing health care. It follows the ethical and religious values of the Saudi society. It supplies male and female students motivation for continuous learning and instill the self –learning principles that seeks to develop the scientific research. The mission counts upon a host of values which can be briefed in the following: discipline, transparency, integrity, objectivity, justice, consultancy, adherence and belonging.

The program strategic objectives:

The dentistry program aims to achieve academic, scientific, research and societal status amongst the health colleges all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the following:

  1. Preparing highly qualified and trained doctors who are able to use the most modern medical equipment.
  2. Encouraging students to spread the health awareness amongst the society members.
  3. Conducting the research required for developing the health care and urging students to take part in symposia and scientific conferences inside and outside kingdom of Saudi Arabia for keeping updated with the latest innovations.
  4. Seeking to obtain the academic accreditation from the national commission for academic accreditation and assessment.
  5. Setting and executing continuous learning programs in specialization of dentistry for all program members.

The Academic Degrees given by the Program:

Bachelor degree of dentistry

Study period and system in dentistry program: Vision College in Jeddah City:

Study period is six subsequent years. The total study hours are 200 credit hours; including one uniform year for all students preparing the student for the university study, and five year study in which the student study the human sciences and dentistry science followed by a training year called (internship) in dentistry clinics of the college or in the public and private hospitals. The study system is quarterly (by semester) where the students study 12 semesters (six subsequent years) in addition to two semesters for practical application (internship) before graduation to practice dentistry profession.

Work Fields After Completing the Dentistry Program:

Dentistry profession is regarded one of the rare specializations in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, those who hold bachelor degree in dentistry have miscellaneous job opportunities either in public and private hospitals, or in public and private primary health centers.

The Dentistry program study language:

The students study some curses in Arabic language; but the rest of courses will be taught in the English language which is the study formal language.

The dentistry program structure:

The dentistry program depends on three main branches as follows: human resource branch that provides the first year of the general and basic medical courses in the student’s university life; in addition to some courses distributed on more than one level during the two year study, after that the student will be promoted the dentistry specialization courses thereupon the following maxillofacial surgery and dental orthopedics departments supervise.

Graduation Requirement and Program Credit Hours:

The student is deemed graduate from the dentistry program after completing the graduation requirements which are six subsequent years with the total of 200 credit hours and one compulsory internship year as well as completing all exams successfully according to the syllabus provided that GPA won’t be less than passable.

Graduation requirements Credit hours Percentage of total credit hours Percentage between general courses and major courses of total credit hours
Basic sciences Department. 73 36.5 36.5
Restorative Department 77 38.5  


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department 50 25
Total 200 100 100

Intern year of the Dentistry Program

A compulsory training program of dentistry medicine for 12 months dedicated for training the college graduates of dentistry program through the following program objectives:

  1. Increasing the medical and professional knowledge of the interns.
  2. Increasing the diagnostic skills and the clinics.
  3. Developing the scientific research skills.
  4. Increasing knowledge and culture of the interns.
  5. Enhancing and activating the social and environment services of the college through the program.

Intern program Activities:

  1. Clinical surgical and non-surgical trainings
  2. Scientific research.
  3. Group discussions about the latest innovations in specialization.
  4. Presentation and discussion of study cases
  5. Societal and service care projects

Training Places

The interns are trained in some time periods which the students spend in Vision college clinics based in Jeddah; in addition to joining some recognized training centers in public hospitals under supervision of the college and the training department; in order to work in hospital departments affiliated to dental clinic and centers.