Vision College in Jeddah - Happiness Committee

       There are concepts that have entered our working lives and have become an important focus and a fundamental pillar of our careers which are happiness, positivity and the extent to which these values relate to the future. As part of its strategic plan, the college has decided to develop a core goal of giving happiness a key priority in pursuit of the highest levels and performance in its services, intelligent transformation and institutional development in line with the Quality of Life program and Vision 2030.


        Establishing a happy environment for faculty, employees and students, helping to progress, prosper and make the most of their energies in the service of the community.


       Creating a happy, stimulating and attractive environment for students, faculty, employees and patients.


1. Take all measures to ensure that faculty, employees and students work in an atmosphere of happiness as it is the strong foundation of productivity and positivity in coordination with all committees and units of the college.

 2. Implement several initiatives to develop happiness among faculty, employees and students to ensure the development of work’s relationships and achieve happiness with full horizons and objectives.

3. Organizing events to establish happiness, love and cooperation between faculty, employees and students.