The library unit and learning sources are an organized set of the knowledge sources available for the library visitors for research, reading and borrowing. .

The library includes four sections as follows:

  1. Medical books with the total of 2669 books.
  2. Dentistry books with the total of 867 books.
  3. Nursing books with the total of 502 books.
  4. Basic science books with the total of 321 books.

The total number of books is 4369 books. Moreover, the library includes a section for computers and internet use; with the aim of facilitating the students’ search for the scientific information


Creating a cognitive, civilized and cultured atmosphere where Vision College will be the first source of research and general knowledge.


Enriching the knowledge pioneers, creative students and the teaching staff through the information services and the cultural activities with modern and advanced level.


  • Developing the reading skills of the library visitors.
  • Providing all sources of knowledge and information sources for all beneficiaries.
  • Making all personal development potentials available as well as developing the capacities and skills through books and different programs.
  • Providing all the e-library services so that the knowledge can be available for all people.
  • Holding the cultural and educational activities in the library.

The library services

  • Information sources and books.
  • Internet service.
  • Free reading areas.
  • Internal and external borrowing.
  • The guiding services.
  • Keeping updated with the latest.
  • Membership creation.