Vision College in Jeddah - Psychosocial wellbeing Centre

Psychosocial Well-Being Centre (PWC)
PWC was established in 2021 to provide short-term individual counselling
and offer longer-term counselling or specialized treatment according to cases. If so,
centre will refer students to Psychologists from community who have experience
with psychological problems of college students. Also, PWC works to provide a safe and non-judgment environment for students and gives them an opportunity to discuss their concerns about the psychosocial health
issues, including fear, anxiety , depression, grief, and other health concerns. As
well as working on solving academic problems related to psychosocial problems
such as poor academic achievement, in order to discover ways to solve them.

PWC Vision
Contributing in Meeting the needs of students regarding psychosocial well-being

PWC Mission
To provide student with psychosocial wellbeing services

PWC Aims
To provide the guidance, and support for students that can help them to change a
behaviour, manage mood disturbances, improve your self-esteem, managing
sadness, anger, irritability, overwhelm, stress and achieve their goals in the live.

PWC Services
PWC offers consultation and short term individual counselling sessions free of charge for all students of college as:

  1. Psychological Services.
  2. Social Services.
  3. Academic Services.
    While cases that need a therapeutic intervention, especially compound therapy, it
    will be provided by a licensed psychiatrist out of college in private clinic or public
    health care settings especially, Eradah Complex for mental Health through referral
    Counselling System: Psychosocial counselling for students is available through:
  4. Indirect-counselling
    Students are referred through the student counselling unit for those who have
    psychosocial health issues.
  5. Direct-counselling
    PWC is available to students without referral from
    the student counselling unit through a direct visit to students to give them an
    opportunity to disclose their psychosocial issues directly.

Location: PWC 11th Floor