Quality & Academic Accreditation Unit



The unit seeks to achieve total quality standards in all educational, research and management practices at the college. To optimize the use of all the potential resources available to raise the education level with the participation of all college members, to meet the needs of the community and the requirements of the labor market in accordance with the standards of quality and academic accreditation.


Completion of the internal quality assurance’ elements of the college in order to be capable of ongoing development to gain academic accreditation from reputable and distinguished national, regional and international commissions.

General Goals:

Enhancement of the Quality Process in Vision Colleges through application of the national framework of the Quality standards NCAAA.


  1. Sincerity.
  2. Responsibilities.
  3. Respect.
  4. Appreciation.
  5. Team work.

Functions of unit:

  1. Spread of culture of quality in the college through the issuance of studies , brochures ,leaflets as well as holding seminars lectures and workshops.
  2. Commitment to the college mission and goals in order to improve performance.
  3. Conduct surveys of graduates in order to improve the performance of the college in light of the standard of quality and academic accreditation.
  4. Conduct survey of community institution benefiting from college outputs ,in accordance with the community needs.
  5. Monitor the actives of academic department ,centers and managements to collect data and information related to the performance and plans.
  6. Prepare annual reports on the activates of the college and its output according to the standards of quality and academic accreditation.

Unit Guides:

Unit Policy Guide

Internal-Review Guide