Scientific Research Unit

Scientist conducting research taking notes whilst looking through microscope selective focus


  1. To develop, maintain and enhance research plan and research proposal.
  2. To provide leadership in dental research by securing the required financial support and developing requests for proposals (RFPs) for competitive grant.
  3. Increase the Faculty’s research activity.
  4. To increase national scientific productivity through dissemination of findings by publication in peer-reviewed and reputable journals.
  5. Provide a stable source of funding for faculty start-up packages.
  6. Strengthen the Faculty’s culture for research
  7. Raising the level of scientific research at Vision College.
  8. Guiding faculty members to benefit from research funding and raise work’s performance and efficiency of research sector.
  9. Putting better criteria for evaluating and tracking the quality of scientific research outputs.
  10. Reaching at the highest level of international presence in research.


Research Priorities:

Research priorities based on reality that should be comply with the needs of the development plan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The following research priorities congruent with the following terms and conditions:


  1. The projects must be applicable and economically feasible.
  2. The projects must be directed to serving the environment and the community.


Definition of research priorities:


Research priorities are the research paths or fields that are given higher priority in financial support and not the research projects them. Each research path or field consists of many research projects.



Research paths or fields:

A research program or specialization that has a clear and specific research vision is directed toward achieving excellence and leadership, covers the interests of research groups or academic sections, and falls within the specializations available at the concerned program.


Dentistry Program:

  1. Study of dental diseases and epidemics in the region
  2. Etiology and methods of prevention of oral cancer.
  3. Study of the properties of dental materials
  4. Study of the compatibility of dental materials with biological tissues through clinical and animal studies.
  5. Public oral health and public awareness of oral diseases.
  6. Ceramics.
  7. Materials composites.


Nursing Program:

  1. Applying nursing care based on evidence- base practice to promote health and prevent illness for patients with acute and chronic illnesses.
  2. Models testing on improving quality of life and end-of-life care among patients with chronic diseases.
  3. Utilization of specific nursing theory & its application into practice.
  4. Competency based learning (student and instructor perspective)
  5. Interventions to enhance adopting healthy life styles of clients, families, and communities regarding to: diet, exercise, smoking, weight control, follow up, and medication commitment, with long term follow up, etc.


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