Vision College in Jeddah - Special Needs


Services that facilitate equal education and opportunity for individuals with Special Needs.


Inspiring environment for students and worker with special needs to encourage them to be a productive member in the society they live in.


  • Equal opportunities
  • Empowerment
  • Excellence 

In VCJ, we try to meet and study our students’ needs, this is in accordance with the Kingdom 2030 vision which is concerned with providing a top-quality life for all its citizens and residents, considering different groups’ needs, including special need group.  VCJ is planning to establish service for special need individuals either students or workers starting academic year 2021/2022, Individuals with special need has an equal right to higher education without any discrimination, they have the right to enjoy all benefits offered by the college, and has the right to study in a safe environment that suite their disability.  The college is entailed to well inform all students their rights and moreover the special need students; the special need students also have the right to keep their disability confidential.

The VCJ is obliged to provide academic adjustments, including auxiliary aids and services, to ensure the college does not discriminate on the basis of disability.  Aiming to develop abilities of individuals of special need without depending on others and make them more productive and constructive members of the society.

Special note for applicants with special needs:

The nature of the specialties offered at VCJ; which are Dentistry and Nursing, might limit the types of impairment that can be accepted in the college.  Studying Dentistry and Nursing require long working and studying hours in addition to working with patient and being responsible about their safety, any applicant with an impairment that might jeopardize the performance and  competency of the student, and safety of the patient will not be considered as a good candidate; thus, any applicant with any type of impairment must undergo a detailed medical check-up that prove that his/her impairment will not affect his/her performance or endanger patient safety.

College responsibilities toward special need individuals:

Special need students, workers or patients have the right to study in a safe environment that suite their disability, The VCJ is obliged to provide individuals with special need with all what makes their experience in the college productive, safe, and enjoyable.  The individual in return is obliged to provide the medical report that show the condition; the student’s report must stat that he/she is capable of cope with the dental or nursing specialties life style.  The confidentiality of the all record is the College responsibility.

Special need requirements depend on the type of the impairment, but it is important to produce adjustments in the college environment to improve productivity, learning, methods of teaching, assessing and implementing practice process. After providing the needed documents and reports, the student is directed to the Student Support Unit (SSU), while workers will be the responsibility of the Human Rescores Office (HR); which in turn inform the student/worker with his/her rights, and the services that he/she can get to support his need and safety and to enhance performance.


VCJ is planning to provide several services for special need support; these services will depend on the type of impairment, but it could be summarized in the following:

  1. Academic Services:
    1. Allow more time and greater flexibility during training.
    1. Adjustment in the examination design to improve the student ability to read and understand the questions (eg: enlarge the font size, change paper color if needed, provide a person to read questions for the student).
    1. Provide the students with service of transcribing lectures if needed.
    1. Provide clear and thorough explanations and instructions.
    1. Provide different type of assessment that examine their competency if needed.
    1. Submit the test individually if needed.
    1. Allow breaks for the student during examination if needed.
  • Adjustment Services:
    • Adjustment according to the impairment, (eg: lecture and/or examination timing adjustment, deadlines adjustment, attendance policy adjustment, office/class room adjustment, light adjustment etc…)
  • For patients with hearing or vision impairment, the college will ensure a staff that can assist people them.
    • Provide comfortably located classroom or office.
  • Information Technology (IT) Services:
    • Provide IT service to help the individual with his/her impairment, using special applications or programs that help in writing, reading or transcribing if needed.
    • Help and support student/worker autonomy as much as possible using IT services.
    • Providing a portable laptop device during the lectures or examinations if needed.
  • Audiovisual Services:
    • Use available technology to improve student performance.
    • Provide academic and non-academic teaching aids to enhance student/worker performance.
  • Advising Services: VCJ provide academic advising service for all students, in addition psychological well-being center will be established in the near future.
  • Environmental Services:
    • Prepare the college with facilities that ensure basic requirement and easy movement of the student (handicapped restroom, handicapped car parking, elevators, rapms).
    • Provide wheel chairs for any individual that might need them.
    • Provide special furniture to the student/worker if needed (special types of chairs, tables….).
    • Provide services that facilitate environment that is special need friendly:
      • Special tracks for people with visual impairment
      • Automatic doors.

Special Need Individuals Responsibilities

  1. Notify the college:
  2. Students and workers should contact Special Need Service Office.
  3. Patients should contact Clinical Affair Office
  4. Provide Documentation:
    It is the student’s and worker’s responsibility to provide professional

documentation of his/her disability. The Special Need Service Office will answer all asked questions.

  • Determine your requirements:

Students and workers also need to provide a document of their needs that the college will provide them.

  • Meet Academic and Professional Standards:

Students should meet all courses and graduation requirements.  Also, they are required to follow professional conduct standards of the college at all time.  Works also, are obliged to do their jobs up the required professional standards.

Requirements to establish special need services office:

  1. Establish an office in easy to reach place to provide all services needed.
  2. Design policies and procedure.
  3. Provide Braille tactile writing in all possible places.
  4. Put tracks for visual impaired individuals at the college entrance, stairs and for elevators entrance.
  5. Establish handicapped rest rooms.
  6. Wheel chairs center.
  7. IT center study all available application that might help students and workers with special needs.


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