Vision, Mission and Strategic objectives


A leading medical institute that meets career demands.


Providing the community with dentists and nurses that are distinctive
academically and clinically.


Kindness-Responsibility – Belonging.

Quality-Professionalism – Sustainability.

Strategic objectives:

  1.  Achieving students and graduates excellent.
  2. Improving admission, registration, and education services.
  3.  Achieving practical and educational medical excellence.
  4.  Development of post –graduate programs and scientific research
  5.  Strengthening activities for the community
  6.  Enhancing social communication among the participants
  7.  Promote positive reputation
  8.  Establishment of a teaching hospital
  9.  Investment of laboratories and medical tools
  10. Development of financial resources
  11. Development of e-services
  12. Development of administrative work
  13. Developing new domestic and international partnership
  14. Providing and improving building classrooms &services