College of Medicine - About the college

The College of Human Medicine was established at Vision Private Colleges based on the approval of the Minister of Higher Education No. 65019 dated 08/18/1430 AH, and the first batch was accepted in the academic year 1435-1436 AH corresponding to 2014-2015 AD. The college awards Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, and the duration of study is 6 years and one year of distinction. The graduation requirements for obtaining the academic degree are divided into levels according to the study plan approved by the Board of Trustees. The study plan for human medicine is designed to be taught at 12 levels; Where the student’s academic progression is according to the courses he successfully passed within the approved study plan .

The college building for male and female students is located in the main headquarters of the colleges in the Seville district, and the college has two academic departments, the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, and the Department of Clinical Sciences. The college also has a number (13) basic science labs equipped with the latest safety tools, in addition to computer labs equipped with the latest computer equipment. The Central Colleges Library includes more than 15,000 paper and electronic books. In addition to an active subscription to the Saudi Digital Library, which enables students and faculty members to access the latest global scientific databases. The college building includes a number of equipped sports fields, as well as male and female students’ restrooms and cafeterias.