About The College of Medicine

Vision College of Medicine was established based on the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education No. 65019, dated 08/18/1430 AH, and the first batch was accepted in the academic year 2014-2015. It offers Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). The study duration is 6 years and is to be completed by an additional internship year in the 7th year. The graduation requirements for obtaining the scientific degree are distributed into levels according to the study plan approved by the Board of Trustees. The Medicine study plan is designed to be taught in 12 levels, 51 courses, and 212 credit hours. Prof. Abdullah Aldahmash is the Dean of the College and Manager of the MBBS Program.

The MBBS Program is delivered mainly through two academic departments: the Department of Basic Medical Sciences and the Department of Clinical Sciences. The pre-medical year (the common first year) is managed by the Department of Basic Sciences that currently belongs to the College of Dentistry and Nursing. Learning resources are maintained adequate for teaching and learning activities.

Laboratories include 13 basic and basic medical sciences labs equipped with advanced devices and material along with the standard safety measures. Computer labs are equipped with the powerful PCs and connectivity. The well-equipped Vision Colleges Skills and Simulation Center (VCSS) provides training on a wide array of clinical skills and is accredited by the AHA for delivering BLS courses. The Central Library includes more than 15,000 paper-form and electronic books. In addition, there is an active subscription to the Saudi Digital Library, which enables students and faculty members to access the latest international scientific databases. The MBBS Program is served by various facilities within the Vision Colleges campus including several sports areas, lounges, brand cafeterias and coffee-shops for male and female students. Vision Colleges have recently acquired Institutional Academic Accreditation from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation.