College of Medicine - Clinical Training and Internship Unit

Graduates of the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery program 
at Vision College of Medicine who successfully complete 
the specific graduation requirements are required to spend 
12 months in a clinical training, called an Internship. 
This year is an integral part of medical studies. Medical
 graduates who fail to pass the training year will not 
be eligible to practice medicine.
All trainees will have a clinical position in the designated
 hospitals according to the Memorandum of Understanding signed
 between Vision College of Human Medicine and related 
healthcare centers.

Clinical training aims at what Follows:

  1. Linking and refining medical knowledge through clinical thinking in order to make a diagnosis.
  2. Interpretation of all public and private surveys.
  3. Act independently and master decision-making.
  4. Determine the management plan for different cases in clinics, hospitals and emergency departments.
  5. Communicate effectively with patients, relatives, staff, paramedics and doctors.
  6. Work consistently with other members of the medical team, knowing their system and how to appropriately request assistance from them when needed.
  7. Knowing the limits of their work and how to seek advice and assistance when necessary.
  8. Writing records of patient effectiveness, and applying documentation skills.
  9. Apply the code of ethics of the Muslim doctor in all his work and adhere to it at all times.
  10. Practice how to respond professionally to notes.

The Clinical Training and Internship Unit is specialized in the following tasks:

  1. Prepare Regulations and regulations for clinical training and excellence.
  2. Follow up Adhere to the regulations and regulations for clinical training and internship.
  3. Coordination With hospitals and training venues.
  4. Coordination With coaches from college and hospitals.
  5. Prepare Reports on the progress of the clinical training process and evaluation of its benefit.
  6. Follow up Internship students’ affairs and their distribution to hospitals.
  7. Prepare College students for excellence in the exams of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.