College of Medicine - Dean’s Message



Dean of the College of Human Medicine
Prof. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Dahmash




The medical profession is considered one of the noblest and most prestigious professions known to mankind, and with the passage of many ages, this profession has had a great share of development and progress, keeping pace with the changes that humankind witnessed in its lifestyles. And recently, colleges specialized in medicine have become the stronghold of this profession and its launch pad.

A recent study of human medicine. This indicates the reasons for its reasons in relation to quality in all fields, starting with its adoption of the most powerful academic programs for medical education, passing it to the highest level and finally in a timely manner. Faculties of study in general and vision sciences for human medicine in general and a model message for printing, its science and practice.
The Vision College of Human Medicine is linked with a system of governmental and private hospitals and medical centers with educational cooperation agreements through which the Vision College of Human Medicine provides the best training opportunities for its students, not to mention the availability of a specialized medical simulation center that contains the best necessary equipment and is supervised by a group of specialists, which provides students with An integrated environment for medical simulation.
It is evident from the above that the Faculties of Vision are striving rapidly to reach the summit, led by its strong belief in the importance of performing its educational and training mission in the best way and its ambition to be one of the ten best colleges of human medicine in the region with the completion of its tenth year in the year 1444 AH.
In my name and on behalf of all my colleagues in the college, I would like to emphasize that our policy in the colleges is to ensure that work is complementary and that success in these colleges is a success for all its employees, including students, administrators and faculty members, so we will work hard to be one hand and join hands to be at the top Our understanding and ambition are limitless, and the capabilities available to us qualify us to always be at the forefront.
I ask God Almighty to help us all to serve our country and to contribute to preparing a distinguished generation of doctors capable of participating in achieving the aspirations of the rulers and achieving the highest quality of the sector. We seek health under our wise leadership.


Prof. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Dahmash