Basic Medical Sciences Department

The Basic Medical Sciences Department is concerned with providing scientific material for basic medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, and microbiology to students of Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing programs, whether scientific information or laboratory skills. In addition, the Department delivers higher courses for ‘body systems’ and transitional courses preparing students for clinical courses. The duration of study in the pre-clinical phase in MBBS Program is three academic years, during which the student is prepared for the transition to the clinical phase. It provides the following courses:

Level 3: Growth, Development, and Aging (GAD 203)

Level 3: Human Body I (HBO 203)

Level 3: Biochemistry and Nutrition (BAN 203)

Level 3: Molecular Biology and Human Genetics (MBG 203)

Level 4: Principle of Diseases I (PDO 204)

Level 4: Principle of Diseases II (PDT 204)

Level 4: Basic Pharmacology (BPC 204)

Level 4: Human Body II (HBT 204)

Level 5: Cardiovascular System (CVS 305)

Level 5: Respiratory System (RES 305)

Level 5: Hematopoietic System (HPS 305)

Level 5: Medical Ethics and Professionalism (MEP 305)

Level 6: Gastrointestinal System (GIS 306)

Level 6: Endocrine System (ENS 306)

Level 6: Epidemiology and Community Medicine (ECM 306)

Level 6: Musculoskeletal System (MSS 306)

Level 7: Research Methodology & Evidence-based Healthcare (RME 407)

Level 7: Neurosciences (NSC 407)

Level 7: Urogenital System (UGS 407)

Level 7: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (FMT 407)

Level 8: Integrated Multisystem (IMS 408)

Level 8: Communication Skills for Medicine (COM 408)

Level 8: Medical Imaging (MDI 408)

Level 8: Basic Clinical Skills (BCS 408)

Level 8: Primary Health Care (PHC 408)