College of Medicine - Medical Education Center

This center includes two units: Curriculum Management Unit and the e-Learning Unit

A. Curriculum Management Unit

  1. Setting procedural guide for preparing and updating academic programs and preparing relevant guides.
  2. Review the study plan, including the program description and course descriptions, and update it periodically in accordance with the approved rules.
  3. Reviewing the learning outcomes of the study program and the course learning outcomes matrix and suggesting updating them considering national standards to ensure quality in coordination with the College’s Development and Quality Center.
  4. Reviewing the teaching strategies applied in the study program, setting mechanisms to verify their application, preparing guides, and guiding forms, and updating all that periodically in accordance with the approved rules.
  5. Review the measurement and evaluation tools applied in the study program according to what is suggested by the Unit of Measurement and Evaluation and make observations and recommendations about that.
  6. Take advantage of studies and comparisons prepared by the Unit of Measurement and Evaluation for continuous improvement.
  7. Considering and reviewing course reports in coordination with the academic departments and the Center for Development and Quality, and making observations and recommendations on the courses to support the course improvement plan.

B. E-Learning Unit

  1. Supervising the e-learning management system in coordination with the Information Technology Department.
  2. Providing support to faculty members in preparing and implementing all educational processes related to the e-learning management system.
  3. Supporting and training students to deal with the e-learning management system.
  4. Suggesting policies and procedures related to organizing work related to the management of e-learning and submitting it to the Vice Dean for Affairs Academy.
  5. Continuous follow-up to ensure that the educational content is in the required form on the e-learning management system.