College of Medicine - Student Affairs Unit

The Student Affairs Unit is concerned with supervising student
 affairs by directing and guiding, and receiving 
students ’complaints, in addition to supervising the
 various activities in its field, and it includes the 
following committees:

(1) Student Activities and Community Service Committee

  1. Preparing an action plan for extracurricular activity at 
    the beginning of the school year and following up on  
    its implementation.
  2. Actively participating in community service through campaigns 
    in schools, orphanages and commercial centers.
  3. Carry out all correspondence in order to obtain approval 
    for all student activities held in the college.
  4. Coordination of communications and visits to the college 
    in accordance with the followed systems.
  5. Circulating the activity plan of the departments.
  6. Announcing to students the activities to be held in 
    and outside the college.
  7. General supervision of all trips and courses held at the 
    level of student activity.
  8. Organizing, organizing and coordinating a closing ceremony
    for the extracurricular activities at the end of the school
  9. Training the student to practice planning, implementation,
     and establishing the relationship between the student
     and the college administration.
  10. Identifying the most important community issues and problems,
     as well as the services that the college’s programs
     can meet.
  11. Coordination between college programs in providing the various 
    services needed by the community
  12. Preparing an annual plan for the college to serve 
    the community.
  13. Measuring the satisfaction of community parties with 
    the provided community services.
  14. Organizing meetings, seminars, scientific lectures and 
    training courses that contribute to community service.

(2) Student Rights and Duties Committee

  1. Receiving students' complaints and grievances, studying them,
     and submitting a recommendation to the Vice Dean for 
    Academic Affairs.
  2. Investigating cases of test fraud and anything that violates
     the general test instructions.
  3. Establishing a culture of justice and fairness among 
  4. Control student behavior inside the college or in any of its
  5. Refining and reforming the behavior of the violating students
     and treating their behavior with the available educational
  6. Study cases of disciplinary violations and submit their
     views to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

(3) Academic Advising Committee

  1. Provide students with academic and advisory information
     and increase their awareness of the college's mission, 
    goals, and regulations.
  2. Choosing academic advisors for each group of students 
    for each semester.
  3. Identify the personal problems and obstacles that prevent
     the student’s ability to obtain education, and work on
     changing negative thoughts and trends towards education
     and adopting more positive ideas.
  4. Providing students with academic and personal skills that
     enable them to understand themselves, their abilities and 
    preferences, and to play a positive role in the educational
  5. Helping academic advisors.
  6. Follow up the fulfillment plan for each student.
  7. Providing students with scientific, psychological and social
     guidance information and providing psychological and social
     advice and advice that works on the student's psychological
     and social development.
  8. Motivating the student's competence, strengthening his 
    capabilities, and providing him with new strategies to
    solve and confront his problems.
  9. Limiting school dropouts to periods that necessitate their 
     being prevented from entering and studying final exams
     every year.
  10. Attention to issues that affect student achievement.

(4) Medical Excuses Committee

Examine the medical excuses provided by the student who
 missed the midterm or final exam with an excuse and who
 was referred to her from the Student Support Unit, then
 submit the results of her study to the Dean of the 
College or his designee before submitting it to the 
College Board or whomever he authorizes.

(5) Student Counci

It is a student body that aims to achieve effective student
 participation in the university decision to develop the
 educational and academic process, and to touch the 
students ’perspectives regarding the educational, 
extracurricular and service activities offered to them
 to reach the knowledge and science community, and the
 Student Council allows the discussion of problems
 related to students in their academic achievement.
 And scientific, and trying to find appropriate 
solutions inside and outside the college according
 to the general system of colleges and in accordance
 with Islamic values ​​and principles.

(6) The Admission and Registration Committee

It is concerned with carrying out admission procedures
 for new students and transferred to the College of Human
 Medicine in coordination with the Faculties Admission and
 Registration Unit, carrying out registration procedures
 for students enrolled in the College of Human Medicine
 in coordination also with the College Admission and
 Registration Unit, and full coordination between the 
two parts of the male and female students in everything 
related to the admission and registration processes, 
as well as developing The admission and registration
 process in the College of Human Medicine.