College of Medicine - Unit of educational facilities and laboratories

The unit is affiliated with the faculty’s laboratories, laboratories and educational halls.

The duties and powers of the supervisor of the unit of educational facilities and laboratories

1. Inventorying all these facilities and setting a clear

schedule for them with specifying the capacity for each of them

2. Inventorying materials, devices and tools in laboratories
 and laboratories and creating databases for them.
3. Coordination between the equipment and laboratory requirements of the different departments in the faculty in order to ensure optimal use of available ones and make maximum use of what is allocated to their items from the colleges’budget.
4. Preparing purchase orders for the departments of
chemicals, glassware, tools and other supplies and
submitting them to the Faculties Procurement Committee 
and following up on their securing operations from the 
central warehouse.

5. Preparing the accurate specifications of the devices and
tools required for the departments and unloading them with 
the Procurement Department forms and submitting them to the
Faculties Procurement Committee.

6. Preparing technical and awarding study forms to secure the
laboratories' needs.

7. Technical study of the offers and specifications of 
the devices of the competing companies.

8. Technical inspection to ensure compliance with the 
specifications of the equipment supplied to the laboratories.

9. Supervising the procurement process according to the 
columns received from the Purchasing Department in the 
colleges, as well as following up the stages And the steps 
of supply, installation, operation and maintenance by the 
supplier companies.

10. Coordination with the concerned committees to ensure the following:


    a. Determine the need for laboratories and laboratories for 
maintenance or replacement.
    B. Securing all security and safety requirements in 
laboratories in coordination with the Faculties' Security 
and Safety Department and following up Maintenance.
    C. Follow up on disposal of laboratory waste and expired
chemical materials in a scientific and safe manner.
    D. Setting the general policy for the maintenance 
of laboratory equipment and laboratories in the faculty
and developing the necessary proposals for their 

11. Following up on the maintenance of classrooms, 
laboratories, and equipment, and replacing the damaged ones,
in coordination with the relevant authorities in the