Vision Colleges Hold a Lecture Entitled Business Model and Various Entrepreneurial Projects
Wednesday ,22 / February / 2023

On Wednesday, 19/1/2022, Vision Medical College at Jeddah hosted Dr. Mai Taiba, the accredited advisor for small and medium enterprises at the International University Administration Colleges Development Authority “AASBC” to present a lecture entitled Business Models within the college’s activities. The lecture aimed to spread awareness and educate students of excellence and leadership and expanding their awareness of the various aspects of pioneering and innovative projects, and during the lecture, various aspects of the business world were discussed, starting from defining the project’s activity and ending with the real-world application of models of large companies such as international companies Toyota and Linkedin. D. Mai was flooded with many posts and questions from the students, which Dr. Mai received with happiness and gratitude for the students’ interaction and enthusiasm for the lecture. ‏It is worth noting that Vision Colleges contribute to providing the student with diverse knowledge, basic skills and professional values ​​through interactive lectures, laboratory and field exercises, which makes health science students closer to society than ever before, and that Vision Colleges are comprehensive and keen regarding the future of education and the renewed needs of society in providing elements of human resources being capable of facing the challenges of contemporary life with confidence and competence