Vision Medical College in Jeddah participates in the 12th forum for majors at Dar Al Rowad Model Schools
Wednesday ,22 / February / 2023

Vision Medical College participated on Tuesday the 31st of January in the second edition of the 12th forum for majors, which was held at Dar Al Rowad Model Schools for girls.

The forum, titled ” Dreams Become True, ” aims to qualify high school students for a variety of health, engineering, and administrative majors for various colleges and universities.

The colleges’ participation comes with the aim of shedding light on the College and its departments and programs. Some female dental and nursing students attended the event to talk about and transfer expertise and experiences with high school students, and prepare them for university. At the end of the forum, leaflets were in order to facilitate and explain the way to log on to the college website and get information and answers for all their inquiries, wishing them success and a distinguished future in education.