An Academic Cooperation Agreement between Vision College and Dr. Mohammed Al-Fagih Hospital is signed in Riyadh
Wednesday ,31 / May / 2023

An academic cooperation agreement between Vision College in Riyadh and Dr. Mohammad AlFagih Hospital was signed in the hospital’s headquarter in Riyadh on Tuesday, 20/11/1444 AH, (May 30, 2023).

As an extension of its desire to train students in various health facilities and expose them to various levels and environments to be familiarized with the health practices in these facilities, Vision Colleges is aimed at developing the academic process, advancing its outputs, and striving to achieve its continuous development goals through this agreement.

As one of Riyadh’s most state-of-the-art hospitals, Dr. Mohammed AlFagih Hospital offers a variety of medical specializations with improved human skills, and has received the highest rating from the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI), as it is the organization duly authorized to certify healthcare institutions in the Kingdom. This agreement is the 7th with hospitals and is part of a larger effort to advance colleges’ standing and reputation to high standards and to achieve their vision of leadership and excellence in health education and training, both locally and regionally.