Vision Colleges concludes a contract to design an integrated educational building project in Riyadh
Wednesday ,22 / February / 2023
On Thursday 12/3/1442 AH corresponding to 10/29/2020 AD, Vision Colleges 
in Riyadh signed a memorandum of understanding with Dr. Shared and advisory experiences 
between the two parties and discussing the best ways to benefit from the experiences of
 the two parties with regard to the subject of this memorandum, in addition to cooperation
 between the faculties of vision and the group of Dr. Education.

To become the twelfth agreement for training in major hospitals in the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah.

It is worth noting that the Vision Colleges, with both branches in
the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, are among the leading colleges in providing 
education in health sciences in the specializations of human medicine, dentistry 
and nursing, and that they seek, within their future plans, to add a number of 
other health specialties needed by the health sector and the Saudi labor market. 
This comes out of the faculties ’keenness to keep pace with the sound directions 
and the wise vision of the leader of this renaissance, the Custodian of the Two 
Holy Mosques and His Highness, the trustworthy Crown Prince, may God protect them,
and to be consistent with the Kingdom's vision 2030 and to participate in 
building a knowledge society.