Vision Colleges signs a memorandum of understanding with Martyrs and Wounded, Prisoners and Missing Persons Fund to support fund’s beneficiaries
Thursday ,27 / July / 2023

Within the framework of Vision Colleges’ keenness to carry out their national duty by contributing to initiatives that aim to serve the community, Vision College in Riyadh and Vision Medical College in Jeddah signed, on Thursday 01/09/1444 AH corresponding to 07/27/2023 AD, memorandums of understanding with Martyrs and Wounded, Prisoners and Missing Persons Fund, at the Fund’s headquarters in Riyadh.

The memorandum of understanding was signed on the part of the colleges by His Excellency the Dean of Vision College in Riyadh, Professor Dr.Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Dahmesh, and His Excellency the Dean of Vision Medical College in Jeddah, Dr. Fares bin Muhammad Altaf and on the Fund’s side, His Excellency the Secretary-General, Mr. Talal Bin Othman Al-Muammar.

The memorandum aims at cooperation between the two parties in the field of support and provision of services and extending a helping hand to the families of the martyrs, wounded, Pow & Missing , in accordance with the terms of reference of the two parties and their roles, as Vision Colleges offer full scholarships to the fund’s beneficiaries in accordance with the controls and provisions.

Martyrs and Wounded, Prisoners and Missing Persons Fund, established by Cabinet Resolution No. (366), dated 08/14/1436 AH, has the competence and powers to assist and care for the families of Martyr, Wounded, Pow & Missing, and their legal dependents, and carry out works, programs and projects to serve its beneficiaries in accordance with Laws, orders and regulations. Vision Colleges express their great pride in this precious group and the sacrifices they made in order to serve the religion and the nation. Through this agreement, vision colleges confirm their great role in the field of social responsibility, as it is one of the pillars of comprehensive and sustainable development in line with Saudi Vision 2030 under the guidance of the wise leadership – may God support it –