Vision Medical College in Jeddah holds a lecture entitled Cybersecurity
Wednesday ,06 / March / 2024

The Vision Medical College in Jeddah held a lecture titled “Cybersecurity” on Monday, March 4, 2024, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Cybersecurity at the Ministry of Education. The aim was to raise awareness among students about cybersecurity, which provides our devices and networks with necessary protection against risks such as hacking, disruption, and others.

The lecture was delivered by Ms. Alaa Altalyoni. She conducted a segment titled “Share Your Experience,” where students listened to some stories of cybercrimes that happened to fellow students, aiming to raise awareness among their peers.

The lecture also focused on understanding the factors influencing cybersecurity and how targeted technologies are exploited.

This educational lecture was organized by Vision Colleges to ensure the safety of its students and increase their knowledge to protect their devices and personal information