Vision College in Riyadh obtained the Programmatic Accreditation
Thursday ,06 / July / 2023

The Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC), represented by the National Centre for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA), granted the Programmatic Accreditation to the bachelor’s program in General Nursing and the Medicine and Surgery Program in Vision College in Riyadh.

Accreditation under this program has been achieved through many visits and continuous cooperation with the Education and Training Evaluation Committee (ETEC). This accreditation is a testament to the continued development of the College and its constant efforts to improve the quality of its services and outcomes, and recognize its fruitful efforts. In addition, accreditation increases confidence in educational outcomes and prepares graduates for global competition.

It is worth noting that (ETEC) is the competent authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to assess, measure, and approve qualifications in education and training in the public and private sectors, to raise their quality, effectiveness, and contribution to enhance economy and national development.