Vision College in Riyadh signs a MoU with Eradah Complex and Mental Health – Riyadh
Tuesday ,25 / July / 2023

Vision College in Riyadh signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Eradah Complex and Mental Health in Riyadh on Monday 06/01/1445 AH, 24/07/2023.

The MoU intends to develop a cooperative and collaborative relationship between Vision College and Eradah Complex and mental health in Riyadh in the fields of health, academic, training, preventative, curative, and research services. This MoU is made in light of the two parties’ advanced position and distinguished reputation in the field of medical services and mental health, addiction treatment, education, and health training, as well as their desire to exchange experiences and knowledge in this field. It also comes within the framework of the existing cooperation and its documentation,  in order to exchange experiences and benefit from their shared capabilities, with the intention of   raising  the level of medical services and preparing  national human resources in this field in accordance with the laws and regulations governing in Saudi Arabia.