The Vision Medical College in Jeddah’s participation in the “Safe Cybersecurity Exhibition”
Thursday ,07 / March / 2024

A number of male and female students from the Vision Medical College in Jeddah participated in the “Safe Cybersecurity Exhibition,” held over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, March 6-7, 2024. The exhibition was organized by the National Cybersecurity Authority in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and sponsored by SABIC.

The aim of the Safe Exhibition is to raise awareness about cybersecurity among all segments of society, contributing to reducing cyber incidents caused by the widespread use of devices such as smartphones, video game consoles, smartwatches, tablets, and others.

Among the accompanying activities of the exhibition was the “Protect Yourself from Modern Phishing Threats,” which included some tests to measure the students’ awareness. There was also a corner titled “Protect Your Data and Email,” which offered a short awareness presentation.

Approximately 30 students attended the exhibition, including 13 from the Medicine and Surgery program, 16 from the Nursing program, and one student from the Dentistry program. The Safe Exhibition was well-received by the college’s students, as it provided them with valuable information to protect themselves from cyber attacks. They pray for the safety of all their students.