The Academic Support and Guidance Unit is organizing a lecture for the staff and students of Vision Medical College in Jeddah
Thursday ,09 / November / 2023

Vision Medical College in Jeddah, represented by the Academic Support and Guidance Unit, in collaboration with the Continuing Education and Professional Development Committee, organized a lecture titled “Understanding Effective Academic Guidance.” The lecture was delivered by Dr. Fatima AlSharif from the College of Nursing at King Abdulaziz University, on Monday, November 6th, 2023.

The lecture aimed to educate all faculty members and students of the college on the importance of academic guidance, including the roles of the counselor and the student, as well as effective communication and the essential skills required from both parties.

Vision Medical College in Jeddah places great emphasis on academic guidance as it is an integral part of the development and growth of our students. It guides and assists students in resolving their academic issues and improving their academic performance.