The 8th Research Day at Vision Medical College- Jeddah
Thursday ,07 / March / 2024

Vision Medical College in Jeddah hosted the 8th Scientific Research Day to celebrate the interns of the Dental Medicine and Surgery Program on Thursday, February 15th, 2024.

This experience provided a valuable opportunity for dental students to showcase their creativity and scientific research in front of a specialized and experienced dental faculty. Students were able to present the results and conclusions they reached during their training period, enhancing their scientific and research skills.

The 8th research day included various presentations and discussions on diverse topics in the field of dentistry, facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge between students and faculty. Certificates of appreciation were also presented to outstanding students and researchers for their exemplary presentations.

This event marked the completion of the final

phase of students’ training and the successful presentation of their research projects. With this achievement, Interns reaffirm their dedication and hard work in their field of study, and look forward to more challenges and opportunities to further develop their skills and deepen their knowledge in the field of dentistry.