Introducing the college

The first launch of the College of Vision in Riyadh in 1430 AH by obtaining the initial license from the Ministry of Higher Education to establish the College of Dentistry, followed by the initial license to establish the College of Nursing. In the same year, the college announced the start of the study plans for the Bachelor of Medicine and Oral and Dental Surgery and the Bachelor of General Nursing programs prepared at the King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies at King Saud University. By the end of 1431 AH, the two colleges were merged into one college under the name of “College of Dentistry and Nursing”, which obtained General accreditation license and then private license, and finally, thanks to God and ended, the efforts culminated in the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education to grant the college the final license No. 1194 dated 03/1/1436 AH. The College of Medicine was established based on the approval of the Minister of Higher Education No. 65019 dated 18/8/1430 AH, and the first batch was accepted in the academic year 1435-1436 AH corresponding to 2014-2015 AD. The college offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, and the duration of study is 6 years and one year of excellence. The graduation requirements for obtaining the degree are distributed to levels in accordance with the study plan approved by the Security Council.

As part of the continuous improvement process to meet the ambitious vision of the colleges, Vision Colleges launched a restructuring project to align institutional efforts under the umbrella of one college. The Ministry of Education has approved the reorganization proposal. The Ministry of Education approved the merger of Vision College of Medicine in Riyadh and Vision College of Dentistry and Nursing in Riyadh to be one college in the name of Vision College in Riyadh (Resolution No. 66348 dated 13/6/1443 AH – 16-1-2022) and to appoint His Excellency Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Dahmash as Dean of the College.

Vision College in Riyadh offers three study programs: Medicine and Surgery, Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery, and General Nursing. The duration of study in the first two programs is 6 years and in the nursing program is 4 years, in addition to one internship year required to complete graduation.

The college building for male and female students is located in the only headquarters located in the Seville neighborhood, and the college has (13) basic sciences laboratories equipped with the latest safety means, in addition to computer laboratories equipped with the latest computer equipment. The Central College Library includes more than 15,000 paper and electronic books. In addition, there is an active subscription to the Saudi Digital Library, which enables students and faculty members to access the latest international scientific databases. The college building includes a number of equipped sports fields, as well as rest houses and cafes for students .