Department of Admission and Registration


  1. Preparing the policies and organizing the admission procedures for Saudi and non-Saudi students.
  2. Receiving and finalizing the registration procedures for new students.
  3. Providing technical support and student service during the registration, deletion and addition period.
  4. Managing electronic systems for students’ academic data and ensuring their functionality and effectiveness.
  5. Sorting applicants’ applications and distributing seats to those accepted by them in accordance with the college admission requirements.
  6. Follow-up and processing of college applications through the electronic admission portal.
  7. Announcing the policy and dates of external transfer from other universities to the College of Vision, according to the college’s rules and regulations.
  8. Forming a committee to present the requests for external transfer, and then to give testimonies to those accepted.
  9. Establishing university numbers for students visiting the college to enable them to study for a limited period of time in accordance with the college regulations.
  10. Implementation of the movement of total withdrawal from the College.
  11. Issuing reports and communicating about them with the relevant authorities.
  12. Suggesting policies and procedures related to admission and registration and submitting them to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.
  13. Submit periodic reports on the management’s work in accordance with the tasks assigned to it, and the difficulties it faces.