Students Affairs Department

This department is concerned with managing student affairs, providing guidance and counseling, and receiving student complaints, in addition to its contribution to supporting various activities. It includes the following committees:

First: Students Activities and Community Services Committee


1. Preparing the extracurricular activity action plan at the beginning of the school year and following up on its implementation.

2. Actively participate in community service through campaigns for schools, orphanages and commercial centers.

3. Carry out all correspondence in order to obtain approval for all student activities held in the college.

4. Coordination of communications and visits to the college in accordance with the established systems.

5. Announcing the students about the activities to be held in the college and outside it.

6. General supervision of all trips and courses held at the level of student activity.

7. Establishing, organizing and coordinating a closing ceremony for extracurricular activities at the end of the academic year.

8. Training the student to practice planning and implementation, and to consolidate the relationship between the student and the college administration.

9. Determining the most important community issues and problems, as well as the services that the college’s programs can meet.

10. Coordination between the college’s programs in providing the various services needed by the community.

11. Preparing an annual plan for the college to serve the community.

12. Measuring the community parties’ satisfaction with the provided community services.

13. Organizing meetings, seminars, scientific lectures and training courses that contribute to community service.

14. Organizing the reception events for new students in the college.

15. Suggesting policies and procedures related to student activities and community service and submitting them to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

16. Submitting periodic reports on the management’s work in accordance with the tasks assigned to it, and the difficulties it faces.

Second: Students Rights and Duties Committee


1. Spreading awareness of students’ rights and duties.

2. Receiving students’ complaints and grievances, studying them, and submitting a recommendation to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

3. Investigate cases of cheating in exams and everything that violates the general instructions for exams.

4. Consolidating a culture of justice and fairness among students.

5. Control student behavior in all college facilities.

6. Studying cases of disciplinary violations and raising their views to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

7. Suggesting policies and procedures related to student rights and duties and submitting them to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

8. Submit periodic reports to the manager of the department with the tasks assigned to it, and the difficulties it faces.

Third: Students Excuses Committee


The committee examines the medical and non-medical excuses provided by the student who is absent from the midterm or final exam, or the percentage of his/her absence exceeds the acceptable percentage, then submit the results of his/her case to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

Fourth: The Student Council


1. Collecting and studying students’ comments and suggestions and submitting them to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

2. Contribute to solving the challenges faced by the college students in coordination with the college administration.

3. Representing male and female students to the college administration.

4. Cooperation and coordination with the Student Affairs Department at the college.

5. Develop team spirit and brotherhood ties based on the tolerant Islamic faith among students.

6. Contribute to giving an honorable image of the College of Vision.

7. Spreading the values of the Council and the College among the students at the College.