Vision Skills and Simulation Center (VSSC)

The Vision Skills and Simulation Center (VSSC) enables students before their clinical experience to practice on dummies with the assistance of clinical instructors in a risk-free environment that reinforce critical thinking and decision making. The VSSC contains high fidelity manikins such as Harvey simulator, newborn Hal simulator, and Noelle simulator. Other manikins and task trainers include: Mega Code manikin (Mid fidelity), advanced Geri manikin, child manikin, breast examination simulator, birthing simulator, and many other materials and tools that assist the students in getting skills and knowledge.
The VSSC is divided into 4 zones:
Zone 1 represents American Heart Association (AHA) Affiliated Center (accredited) that provides different AHA courses for internal and external participants.
Zone 2 represents the simulation lab that is planned to be extended into a simulation center as proposed in the ‘Vision and Dundee University Agreement’.
Zone 3 is composed of four mini-hospitals where medical students can perform all basic and advanced procedures on manikins prior to the exposure to the clinical training.
Zone 4 consists of 15 clinical stations, each is well-equipped according to the specific specialty (CVS, Respiratory, Emergency, Ophthalmology, etc.), which can also be used for OSCE as well as two meeting rooms for pre- and post-conferences.