Educational Facilities and Laboratories Unit


  1. Follow-up and supervision of the Vision Colleges facilities such as buildings, halls, playgrounds, gardens, green areas, roads, sidewalks and car parks, and work to show the college facilities in a decent appearance.
  2. Supervising the distribution of halls and offices according to actual needs.
  3. An inventory of all these facilities and a clear scheduling for them, with the capacity of each of them.
  4. Follow up with all departments of the college by paying attention to their facilities and what might happen to the buildings again.
  5. The buildings are inspected periodically by the facilities team.
  6. Working on finding a database for each building that includes the building’s details in terms of area, number of halls, capacity, and so on.
  7. Follow up the maintenance of classrooms and facilities and replace the damaged ones in coordination with the relevant authorities in the college.
  8. Inventory of materials, devices and tools in laboratories and laboratories and the formation of databases for them.
  9. Coordination between the needs of the various departments in the college of equipment and laboratory requirements in order to ensure the optimal use of what is available from them and to make maximum use of what is allocated to their items from the college budget.
  10. Preparing purchase requests for the departments of chemicals, glassware and tools and submitting them to the College Procurement Committee and following up the operations of securing them from the central warehouse.
  11. Preparing the exact specifications of the devices and tools required for the departments and unloading them with the procurement department forms and submitting them to the college procurement committee.
  12. Preparing the technical study and award forms to secure the laboratories’ needs.
  13. Technical study of offers and specifications of devices for competing companies.
  14. Carry out any other work or tasks assigned to the Department according to the jurisdiction.
  15. Suggesting policies and procedures related to the management of educational facilities and submitting them to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.
  16. Submitting periodic reports on the management’s work in accordance with the tasks assigned to it, and the difficulties it faces.