Academic Advising Department


  1. Providing academic and guiding information to students and increasing their awareness of the college’s mission, goals and regulations.
  2. Selecting academic advisors for each group of students for each semester.
  3. Identifying personal problems and obstacles that prevent the student from achieving educational attainment and working to change negative thoughts and attitudes towards education and adopt more positive ideas.
  4. Providing students with academic and personal skills that enable them to understand themselves, their abilities and tendencies, and to play a positive role in the educational process.
  5. Assisting academic advisors.
  6. Stimulating the student’s efficiency, strengthening his abilities, and providing him with new strategies to solve and confront his problems.
  7. Limiting those who have dropped out for periods that necessitate depriving them of entering and studying the final exams each year
  8. Paying attention to problems that affect student achievement.