Nursing Program (Accelerated Track)

Vision College awards a Bachelor’s degree in General Nursing (Accelerated Track) to students who have successfully completed 132 credit hours in addition to the one-year internship training program as following:

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the admission requirements of the regular track of the General Nursing Program, additional requirements are listed below:

  • Weighted percentage must not be less than 65.
  • Students who are non-native English speakers must provide an evidence of English language proficiency. Some acceptable exams and corresponding minimum scores are available below:
Exam  Minimum Score Required
Academic IELTS  6
STEP  90

Obtaining the minimum score will exempt the student from the following English course:

ENG 102English Reading and Writing4
ENG 101English Listening and Speaking -15
ENG 103English for Nursing3
ENG 113English Listening and Speaking -23
ENG 111English Academic Writing3
ENG 112English Academic Reading3

Enrollment Conditions

  • Students can be enrolled into the accelerated track at the beginning of each academic year only.
  • Failing any of the courses at any level is considered an exit point of the accelerated track. However, the student can then join the regular track, and the college council may make an exemption from this.
  • Current students who are enrolled into the regular track are eligible to enroll in the accelerated track provided they have completed equivalent courses and have a GPA of no less than 4/5.



No./CodeNameLectureLab/ PracticalClinicTotalPre-Request
MTER 201Medical Terminology2103ENG 103
BIO 101Biology for Health Sciences2103
CHE 101Chemistry for Health Sciences2103
BIOS 101Biostatistics2002
NURS 201Fundamental of Nursing 3205
NURS 311Clinical Nutrition3003
Total   19 


No./CodeNameLectureLab/ PracticalClinicTotalPre-Request
ANAT 101Human Anatomy and Physiology2103BIO 101
BIOC 211Biochemistry3104CHE 101
NURS 210Health Assessment2204NURS 201
NURS 212Adult Health Nursing-13036NURS 201
NURS 312Pharmacology2002
Total   19 

LEVEL 3 (Summer 1)

No./CodeNameLectureLab/ PracticalClinicTotalPre-Request
NURS 310Adult Health Nursing-23036NURS 212
NURS 211Pathophysiology2103ANAT 101
NURS 213Microbiology2103
Total   12 



No./CodeNameLectureLab/ PracticalClinicTotalPre-Request
NURS 321Child Health Nursing3025
NURS 322Maternal Health Nursing2035
NURS 314Principle of education for nursing practice3003
NURS 320Human Growth and Development3003
NURS 323Epidemiology for health care professional3003BIOS 101
Total   19 


No./CodeNameLectureLab/ PracticalClinicTotalPre-Request
NURS 410Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing2035NURS 310
NURS 411Nursing Research3003NURS 323
NURS 412Community Health Nursing3025NURS 310
NURS 413Nursing informatics3003
NURS 315Infection Control3003NURS 213
Total   19 

LEVEL 6 (Summer 2)

No./CodeNameLectureLab/ PracticalClinicTotalPre-Request
NURS 420Critical Health Nursing3036NURS 310
NURS 422Nursing emergency3036NURS 310
Total   12 

LEVEL 7 (During Internship*)

No./CodeNameLectureLab/ PracticalClinicTotalPre-Request
ARAB101Arabic Language Skills-12002
NURS 421Nursing Management and leadership3003
Total   5 

*The courses will be taught according to the academic calendar and sessions will be scheduled as agreed.

LEVEL 8 (During Internship*)

No./CodeNameLectureLab/ PracticalClinicTotalPre-Request
COMM 101Communication Skills2002
ISLM 101Islamic Culture2002
ARAB 102Arabic Language Skills-22002ARAB 101
Total   6 

*The courses will be taught according to the academic calendar and sessions will be scheduled as agreed.

Clinical Rotation Areas*

DepartmentNo. of Weeks
Medical Unit434
Surgical Unit434
Emergency Room434
Critical Care Units   
Pediatric ICU434
Coronary Care Unit44
Operating Room434
Administration Unit434
Maternity and Neonatal Unit838
Pediatric Unit434
Elective Areas: intern may choose any of the following areas:   
Psychiatric and Mental Health82      8  
Primary Health Centers
Operating Room
Hemodialysis Unit
Total No. of Weeks522652
Total No. of Hrs/Week404040

*The internship year can be considered as a training leading to employment and sessions will be scheduled as agreed.